Welcome to The Political Group!

We are a full service political organization that is a complete all-in-one in-house political services company. We give you
the resources to form a complete campaign. We have cut campaign costs by 40% because of our one and done strategy.


You can think about what is best for the campaign and then realize you need to execute a strategy or you can act on a thought and successfully carry it out.


You can choose only one resource that gives you the edge over your opponent. It only makes common sense to choose us because you can do everything.


Is winning the only option? We understand winning the hearts and minds of voters one at a time. We understand winning is the ultimate resolution.

What We Do:

Together we explore all the options for your campaign you didn't even knew existed. We offer services from websites, media, media buys, phone banking, robocalls, polling, blockwalking, gotv calls, fudraising, voter data, voter data analysis and mailing.

We combine all the resources into a package that best fits your campaign so you understand the road to victory.

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The Political Group